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Linux servers, when compared to other operating systems, are more friendly. Here are some of the main advantages of Linux servers…

 1.Affordable cost

Linux servers are free to obtain in terms of complete installation and accessibility. Microsoft servers are allowed to be installed only on a single computer but using Linux, you can install Linux servers on any number of computers without extra payments. Linux has no license fees attached, Linux servers reduce the hosting cost automatically because the software of mostly freerather free. Scripting language availability for your website hosting, if you want to use Mysql, PHP, Java, Perl or other, Linux server is the most cost effective and affordable solution. Scalability and high performance are something that Linux offer right out of the box.

2. High Reliability

Linux servers are the most reliable when compared to the other UNIX and Windows based operating systems. Linux servers seldom crash. This makes them very attractive to web hosting companies that appreciate not having to deal with their software provider’s customer support all the time. Everybody wins.

3. Integrated Help and support

All Linux software has a developer community behind that is more than willing to help to solve a problem, if you have any. 

4. Fast optimized communication

The way how Linux processes the instructions and communicates internally makes the OS highly efficient in terms of storage space and memory administration, therefore FAST.


 5. Trusted Security

Apart from other operating servers, Linux servers are highly reliable in security matters. Windows and other operating servers always demand you to install anti viruses.Thanks to Linux you don’t have to spend money for such things since there are very few if any Linux virus that attack the OS itself. Most are targeting windows clients, With linux you will definitely get thousands of patches released very often so your server is always secured against malwares and virus attacks. Windows will definitely be affected by the viruses. Do you know that Most of the world’s top programmers and web designers prefer Linux operated servers? This is due to the strong hosting security it offers. If you want the most reliable, safe, economical and secure server, Linux servers are the answer. Without a doubt, the first choice that you should rely on.