Popular Linux Distros

There are lots of linux distributions for all tastes and needs , distros specialized in security, entertainment, education, hacking , for children and some others . If you are a new user or you just want to know if there are other distros better than the one you are using then we suggest you to […]

What is Linux

Linux operating systems are used in a wide array of milieus, from business to education. This type of operating system is present in devices that use the Linux kernel, which allows the system software to operate a communication between it and the hardware mechanisms of the computer. Linux is one of the best operating systems […]

The Future of Linux

There are many predictions on the web about linux as its future being google. This statement although sounds daunting to some people but linux are beind deployed almost everywhere google application exists. Look for example, android os, a smartphone os based on the linux kernel is becoming a major battle in the smartphones industry with […]

Saving Money Using Linux

Saving money using Linux starts with the fact that, Linux is open source and thus you do not need to buy a license for it download it for free from the internet and use it as you please. Several of institutions and organization that have moved from licensed operating system to Linux have found that […]

Linux Life

Linux is a world famous free and open source operating system. My life is changing day by day because of Linux. Linux has been released with Supporting utilities, Linux kernel and wide range of application software. Linux life is a happy and useful one for me. User can develop Linux according to his or her […]

Linux on Mobile Devices

With the emergence of Linux as the most popular operating system for the computers around the world, there was need for the developers to diversify their market to reach out to the mobile devices users. Among the most successful Linux on mobile devices OS is Android. Android has manged to ship more devices compared to […]

Linux vs UNIX. Pick your Winner

Linux and UNIX are the two most popular and safe Operating Systems that are being used widely across the globe. As they somewhat work on the same platform, they have many similarities between them. In this article, we will compare both the Operating systems, which would help you to decide that which OS you should […]

Linux vs Mac OSX. Why Linux Wins

There seems to be a never ending debate among the computer savvy of which of these two operating systems Linux or Mac OS X performs better. Well it will still remain a debate but for the non computer experts this article will lay the facts on the table and inform you why Linux is the […]

Linux for SEO Companies

Many entrepreneurs who strive to start an SEO company come down to search for an answer for the mandatory question of “what platform should our organization use?” Well, the vast majority of the answers would be “Of course, Linux”. But why Linux is the most preferable choice by a lot of entrepreneurs in the field […]

How Easy is to Install and Use Linux

Most desktop and laptop PCs come installed with some version of Microsoft windows, but now, more than ever, people are starting to realize the benefits of running Linux on their machines. Some years ago, when Linux was still new to the pc market, installing and using this operating system was left for nerds with loads […]