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Upgrade WordPress Instantly… Almost.

Upgrade WordPress Instantly… Almost. November 19, 2007 | WordPress | Comments (125) One of the best (and worst) things about WordPress is that it’s constantly being tweaked and upgraded to squash bugs and add new features. It’s great because it’s features and abilities are always current. It’s bad because every time you turn around there […]

Choosing a Topic For Your Blog

Choosing a Topic For Your Blog July 17, 2007 | Blogging Basics Choosing the right topic for your blog is arguably one the most important steps in starting a blog. It can determine whether your blog will succeed or fall flat on it’s face. If you want to get started in blogging this should be […]

Choosing a Platform For Your Blog

Choosing a Platform For Your Blog July 18, 2007 | Blogging Basics There are many questions you need to consider before deciding on which platform to use for your blog. Some of these questions are: What is the purpose of my blog? What are my blogging goals? Should I start my blog on a free […]

Welcome to Average Joe Blogger

Welcome to Average Joe Blogger July 16, 2007 | General There is no doubt that blogs and blogging have become a large part of our worlds online. And it’s no longer just “geeks” that are blogging either. These days everyone from the average joe (you and me) to large corporations and even news organizations are […]

WordPress 2.3 Officially Released

WordPress 2.3 Officially Released September 26, 2007 | WordPress WordPress 2.3 has been officially released. This is a major upgrade that includes native tagging support, plugin update notification, URL handling improvements, and more. There are quite a few changes in this release, but here are the most notable. You can read about other changes in […]

Weekend Reading: September 29th, 2007

Weekend Reading: September 29th, 2007 September 29, 2007 | Link Lovin’ Here are a few articles from around the blog sphere (and my RSS reader) that I found interesting and that may be of interest to you as well. Avoid Blogging Burnout One of the top reasons bloggers quit blogging, and abandon their blogs, is […]

Find Your Websites Weak Link With Pingdom

Find Your Websites Weak Link With Pingdom July 20, 2007 | Web Tools Does your website load slow? There are many elements that can cause a site to become sluggish including CSS, Javascript, graphics, and flash, among others. And with increase of widgets, photos and videos, a lot of these elements aren’t even served from […]