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Community Cloud Plugin

Community Cloud Plugin October 23, 2007 | Link Lovin’, WordPress I’m a firm believer that one of the best ways to get noticed, attract readers and develop a community is to link and link often. The more link love you give, the more link love you will receive. As a result of this philosophy, I’ve […]

The End Must Be Near

The End Must Be Near August 30, 2007 | General What an insanely crazy 24+ hours! I’m almost afraid to ask “What else can go wrong?”, for fear I will just jinx myself. But honestly, What Else Can Go Wrong? It all started yesterday afternoon when I decided to take my car in for some […]

Go Mobile With MoFuse

Go Mobile With MoFuse October 9, 2007 | Mobile There is already a number of tools available that can help you create, monitor and monetize a mobile version of your site. However, the new service from MoFuse (Mobile Fusion) looks very promising. What makes MoFuse really stand out is it’s simplicity. To create a mobile […]

Google Page Rank Train

Google Page Rank Train August 3, 2007 | Link Lovin’ Some Make Money has a bit of a “Win Money with a side of Google Juice” contest going on. It’s your basic link train with a chance at winning $50. Oh, and it’s only for the first 50 people that participate. So if you want […]

Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers Plugin

Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers Plugin October 8, 2007 | WordPress Keith from Techie-Buzz recently released a handy little WordPress plugin, Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers, that will likely help you increase your subscriber base. If you have been offering RSS Feeds and Email Subscriptions on your site for any length of time, you will likely have at least […]

Optimize Your Permalink Structure

Optimize Your Permalink Structure July 24, 2007 | Blogging Basics Your blogs permalink structure is an important and often overlooked aspect, but one you should put some thought into. Your permalink (permanent link) is the exact URL of your individual pages and is what other website will use to link to you. So why are […]