Desktop Linux. Why Should I Switch?

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There was a time, when Linux is considered as a hard Operating system to work with, and not anyone can operate or even install it on his PC. However, things have changed now; Linux platform is emerging as a most popular and installed OS with lots of versions available in the market.

Popularity of Linux always wondered the computer enthusiasts that whether they should switch to Linux, or not. This article shows the features and facilities provided by a Linux Distribution, and will help you to answer, why you should switch your traditional OS to the Linux.

  1. One of the most interesting facts about Linux, which is also the main reason for many people and business organizations, for choosing Linux as their OS, is that it is an Open source Operating system. By Open source, we mean that the OS comes free of cost. You can either order the CD or DVD of the OS from company or can download them easily from their official website.
  2. As open-source software, there are also plenty of free apps available for the Linux platform, which can be easily downloaded from the internet.
  3. Once you have installed a Linux distribution, then the updates for that distro, and the upgrades to the other ones is also free. So if you are using linux, there is almost nothing you should pay for. All the essentials is provided free of cost.
  4. Another reason to choose Linux as your OS is that, it is free from windows platform Virus, and hence is a safer and secured place to work at without worrying about the annoying virus problems as you encountered while working on a windows machine.
  5. Linux has always been the first choice for the programmers and developers, as it provides flexibility and power to the programs to edit the settings of the OS by entering commands.
  6. You can choose from a wide variety of Linux versions (officially known as Linux distributions or Linux Distros), available on the internet and according to your needs.
  7. There are many Distros available, which comes with the essential apps that make everyday life better, like open office, text mate and others. If you have no apps pre-installed, then you must download them from their prescribed websites.
  8. By looking at the increasing popularity of the Linux market, many market leaders of the industry either have published the Linux version of their software, or are planning to enter the Linux market by introducing software extension for the Linux. However, before purchasing the software, it is advisable that, you should check the compatibility of the software with the Linux distribution you are currently working with.
  9. The Linux distributions are more stable and reliable than the windows and provide a better customer service.

By looking at the features provided by a simple Linux OS, you can get rid of many problems that you commonly find in the other Operating systems. Hence switching from your current Operating system to Linux can be a fair choice for those, who want something exciting but don't want to spend much money to that.

So, go to the official Linux distribution's website, download the latest version from there, and enjoy the whole new world of Linux.