Desktop Linux on Small Businesses

From the past few years, Linux has become the first choice among the various other Operating systems available in the market. Although there are many reasons to choose the Linux as the Operating system, but here we are providing a list of the most important factors that have made Linux preferable to Windows as OS.

1. Setup cost

By using Linux in the office the setup cost becomes many times lower in case if the Windows has been used. In case you are using the Linux you can cut the cost you would spend on the purchase of OS, and on other supporting software. With Linux you can get all these software applications free of cost.

2. Maintenance

Maintenance of the Linux is relatively cheaper than the Windows machine. As the software applications are free, and if they are paid, they are cheaper than the Windows software. Data backup process is easy in Linux and also we can repair certain files which are causing the problem.

3. Easily configurable servers

The Linux was primarily meant for the programmers and the servers, and till date it is the preferable choice of the developers and for configuring the servers. The server configuration in Linux is easy to perform and it is also to maintain them. In case of server fault, it can be easily detected and repaired by the support of professionals. The configuration of Linux server can be done with the help of professional or it can be easily done personally by referring to the website, and manuals.

4. Good Linux support

The customer support provided by the Linux is better than the Windows or MAC. You can get the professional help and advice for all the related things like security and performance issues, creating backup and others. Moreover, you can take support from the forum sites where can discuss your problems with the Linux users worldwide, this will help to find the experts in the field and also can solve your problem in almost no time by using simple steps.

5. Frequent up gradation of the machine software to be up to date with technology

In case of out dated Operating system, the system can become slower and can be attacked by the viruses and the other mal wares or spy wares. When you are using a Windows Operating system, updating can be a little cumbersome for some, while if you are using the Linux OS, the system updates in approximately in every six months and the process of updating can be easily performed by anyone, as proper guidance has been provided at the website of the Linux distribution.

By looking at these features, we can easily detect that why the Linux is the perfect choice for the small as well as big-business houses as their Operating system.

By getting Linux distribution as Operating system in the office you can not only cut the cost of setup, but also can build a secure and strong network inside the office premises. So, it is advised that you should use the Linux as OS in your business and avail the various benefits provided by it.