What is Linux

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Linux operating systems are used in a wide array of milieus, from business to education. This type of operating system is present in devices that use the Linux kernel, which allows the system software to operate a communication between it and the hardware mechanisms of the computer. Linux is one of the best operating systems that are available nowadays. It is also one of the main examples of open source in use, as many different operating systems are usually based on it. This means that their source code can be retrieved or accessed freely.


The Linux Kernel started in the year 1991, when Linus Torvalds, a computing student, made it. The UNIX type of operating system had been used for about two decades and many different operating systems being made, such as the Linux, were based on it. The primary advancement of the kernel was completed on MINIX, another kind of UNIX operating system that is used at the time. Primarily, the license used for Linux is not available for commercial systems. However, there was a transformation in the license that is used in the early days of the operating system to allow this.

Free and Open Source

The Linux kernel was programmed to be freely accessible and still is nowadays. The license that is being used for this type of operating system is the GNU General Public License, though this wasn't its original license. Those operating systems that use Linux kernel can change and access the source code in any way, the basic idea principle in the open source platform. It is also stated in the license that a system designed with the use of kernel should give access to their source code. However, unlike Linux they don't have to be distributed freely, so can be traded commercially.


Today, a wide range of operating systems are usually based on the Linux kernel, meant at many different contexts and sectors. These are called Linux "distributions." In the context of the Web, the, the Linux plays an integral role, as Linux systems are used on many different servers that any other type of systems. For use in desktop, Debian shapes the base for Ubuntu, which is one of the popular distributors along Fedora. Linux has also shaped the foundation for a range of mobile development such as Android and is therefore a main component in a rapid development of mobile technology.


The use of Linux operating systems differs across various sectors. The Internet remained to be one venue in which Linux is the leading player, with approximately more than half of all servers that use a Linux system. Since Linux is programmed to accommodate a broad range of computer hardware, it can be applied in many different kinds of device, including mobile and desktop. Aside from smartphones, Linux is also used on other kind mobile phones, video games and other devices such as music players. The wide variety of personal computers can also be operated using Linux operating systems, as well as everything from desktop devices to laptops and tablets such as iPad.