The Future of Linux

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There are many predictions on the web about linux as its future being google. This statement although sounds daunting to some people but linux are beind deployed almost everywhere google application exists. Look for example, android os, a smartphone os based on the linux kernel is becoming a major battle in the smartphones industry with many phone manufacturers shipping their phones with this os, take for instance samsung smartphones and google android phones. The current android os rating has a share of about 3.5 percent in the mobile marketplace. This has been driven high by its ability to run on smartphones,notebooks, tablets pcs and can run on remote controls as well. Now what's this junk about android? As i mentioned earlier that the android os is based on the linux kenel, the more it grows in its market share, and the more the linux os increases its market share and this is a fact.

A security aspect is another issuein Operating systems. Linux has the best security aspects as compared to other os's like windows that comes as-a-go-ready free of charge. Why do you have to purchase third-party security software for your machine and linux has all of these for free? Linux is a go ahead when it comes to virus protections, adware, and spyware because since nintees it has been able to survive. As we all know that linux is an open source os and if there were widespread linux viruses released each day, this would mean hundreds of patches released every now and then by the ordinary users of the os or the maintainers. Now we dont have to always wait for a patch release as for the case of windows.
For security aspect, Linux would overtake other os's as it stands out.

The other aspect of linux future scenario is choice and freedom. With linux, users have control over every aspect starting from linux kernel, desktop look and feel. In other operating systems, there are high chances of failures due to third-party software installations with task limitations. Users love to have control over almost everything they use and this will contribute greatly to increased linux usage.

The main streams of the linux development that lies on everything open source has become the big thing for many developers. To software developers, this is the way to go; build stuff and let users test it hence improving on ones profile and allow for contributions. In the future, linux will be almost a requirement for every developer and this would mean everywhere linux.

On the negative site, the linux os might lose. The usability of the os is not that cheap and easy to users. User interface looks complicated and achieving a certain task to novice users might seem to be a nightmare. This will pose a negative challenge to linux growth if not highly considered.

Nowadays most of the web servers use linux. Although microsoft somehow have web servers, compared to linux, linux beats it. What i foresee in future is linux used everywhere in web hosting be it files, games, multimedia contents to a network server.

Because of the cost aspect, most people can downlaod the os for free other than paying for other os's like windows and mac os. This will popularize linux and in future, it will overtake every os.

Inbuilt Softwares for almost every task in linux is making the os to gain more power with time. In some os's, you either need to search for an open source software or buy in order to achieve a certain task, install it and use it. But in linux this is not always the case, it comes with an already installed softwares for most of the task and they are free to use. This is driving the linux os up and in future you will find that in almost every aspect of task you need to accomplish, there are already installed softwares for it in Linux.