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There are lots of linux distributions for all tastes and needs , distros specialized in security, entertainment, education, hacking , for children and some others . If you are a new user or you just want to know if there are other distros better than the one you are using then we suggest you to read this article about the 8 most popular linux distributions .

Linux Mint

Today it is one of the best distros out there . This project is completely new, it was born in 2006 and its purpose was to bring users a new system that is easy to install , manage and use. It is based on Ubuntu and provides a better experience for users coming from other operating systems (Windows and Mac), it has software and other components necessaries already installed which helps to have a system ready to use.

Another great feature is that it is very flexible for any desktop environment . Because many users are used to the evolution of GNOME's project LinuxMint developers decided to create a great environment using GNOME that makes it friendly and easy to use .


The most famous Linux distribution, whoever has not heard about Ubuntu does not know about Linux. This project began in 2004 with financial support from Mark Shuttleworth and it has built over the past few years a great community .

Ubuntu is a philosophy, because Ubuntu does not refer exactly to the Linux OS, it is an African word that means "humanity to others". It is based on Debian . One of the powers of Ubuntu is the excellent compatibility with most hardwares today. In the latest versions of Ubuntu it used Unity as a default desktop, which is a shell for GNOME .


Initially known as "Fedora Core" up until version 6 , Fedora project started in 2003 based on Red Hat Linux. Currently the company is supported by the Red Hat community and also by engineers and users who help improve each version.

Fedora is based on these:

  • Freedom
  • Friends
  • Excellence
  • Innovation


This distro is extremely stable , it has a large community and they are well organized. They have achieved an stable and quite efficient system,
many companies use them in their servers . However, their philosophy (one of the most restrictive ones) makes this distribution a bit complicated for new users and although going from ubuntu to debian is easy , we rather suggest you if you are a new linux user use Mint or other Ubuntu-based distribution before moving to Debian.

Debian is an open source community more than just a distribution, it is a symbol .


Arch is a linux distribution based on simplicity and lightweight . The design focuses on simplicity and elegance characteristics that has risen dramatically in the free software community.

Top five Linux distros in review por butterscotchcom

It wastes resources only if it is necessary , as a consequence users are able to manage their resources better . A java programmer will sure appreciate it.


An extremely light distribution, generally recommended for devices with limited resources. You can boot it from a CD or DVD without any problems, it spends only about 256 MB with OpenOffice included. You can bring to life those old computers you have in the garage.


It is based on Red Hat like Fedora, but independently developed by an small community. Its distribution is comparable to Red Hat as the final product. The weakness is that their developer community is very small.



It has a user-friendly interface . It is stable and reliable as an operating system.