Linux vs Windows. Who is the Best

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Linux is a free and open source operating system. It has general public licence. Microsoft is license software. Windows is famous operating system. But lot of users has fake copies of Windows. There fore they are unable to get any updates. But Linux is open source. Therefore it does not have fake users. The price of Linux VS Widows is less. Linux can be downloaded and distributed freely. Windows is expensive. A single copy of windows can cost around $60 to $ 500 depending on version.

Linux has variety of available programs, utilities, software , and games. Those are free to download. However, Windows also has a larger selection of software. But we have to pay for those programes.Open source software programs are supported to both Linux and Windows. But Microsoft software is only run on windows platform. Linux Programs can be modified by using kernel. Kernel can be downloaded free. But windows software is not like that. Microsoft never gives kernel to users. User can not modify or change any feature.

Lot of Linux based software programs are open source or freeware. Complex and expensive programs are also free. Some of them are Gimp, lamp server, Neat bean, Open office and Wine. Although a window has few free software programes.Majority of Windows programs are not free. A price of one copy is around 30 $ to 500$ according to the version.

Linux operating system can be installed to personal computers, mobile phones, video game consoles, tablet computers servers, and super computers. But windows software is supported to personal computers, servers and few phones only.
Linux is supported to different kind of processors. But windows operating system is not supported to all kind of processors. It is supported to Intel, AMD and few other processors. Linux is supported to various kinds of file systems like Ext, Jfs, FAT, NTFS, and ReiserFS.But Windows is never supported to open source file systems. Linux is able to identify any kind of Microsoft file system. But Windows operating system is not knowledge enough to identify Linux file systems.
The security of Linux VS Windows is high. Linux operating system had few viruses early. But none of viruses is being spread now. But Windows operating system has more than 70000 viruses. We have to buy virus guards for Windows.

The bugs and threat detection is very fast in Linux. When you get a problem about Linux, You can put it in to Linux forum. Then world wide Linux developers start working on threat. When Microsoft detects a threat, they also fix it. But Microsoft gets more than three or four months to repair it. They only consider major threats and bugs. Microsoft windows operating system has a low privilege separation but Linux is strong in privilege.

We can test features of Linux without installing it by usingbootable copy. But such a thing can not be done with Linux. We can make bootable flash drive easily with Linux. When we format our computer by using Windows, every thing is losted.But we can format or update computer by using Linux without harming our home folder. The user can install both Windows and Linux operating systems in to one machine. But first a fall we should install Windows. Because Windows in not intelligent enough to identify Linux files. But Linux is not like this. It is able to identify any kind of file system.

Linux is the winner of competition.Microsoft is a loss leader now. First you should boot your computer with Linux bootable CD and understand the difference. Then you can install the Linux and enjoy with its features.