Linux vs Mac OSX. Why Linux Wins

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There seems to be a never ending debate among the computer savvy of which of these two operating systems Linux or Mac OS X performs better. Well it will still remain a debate but for the non computer experts this article will lay the facts on the table and inform you why Linux is the greatest operating system there will ever be. Let me review each of the operating systems independently vis-a-vis one another and make a conclusion at the end.

The Mac OSX Operating System

The Apple's Mac OS is older than the windows system and was the first ever successful graphical based operating system. Let's get to what Mac can or can't do. It is a reliable operating system since it uses Apple configured hardware and hence not prone to hardware or software crashes. It has better graphics compared to windows and is much better looking. Since it is UNIX-based it tends to be stable and reliable. The Mac OS is not susceptible to viruses apart from a few Trojans that can affect them. The downside of this operating system is that it too expensive and can only be installed on Apple devices making it very limited in distribution. It is a closed source system which means that you can modify the system to according to your specifications and redistribute it. Also, very few types of software are able to run on Mac OS apart from those configured by the manufacturer. Finally, it may be complicated to perform a cross - platform network resource sharing with an Apple computer in a Windows based network such as sharing of printers.

The Linux Operating System

Linux is not really a full operating system but a kernel that was written in back in 1991.Linux is the broad term used to describe the huge compilation of Linux distributions that use the Linux kernel such as the Ubuntu and Redhat systems. The linux System is open source software and this means that one is free to customize and redistribute it as per your specifications. The system is free of charge and can be downloaded freely in the internet. It comes as a completely packaged system playing host to a huge number of computer applications that make it easier for one to appreciate the holistic aspect of modern computing. It benefits anyone regardless of how they use their computers. Linux can also be classified as Unix-based enabling you to enjoy the control and stability of UNIX. It is less prone to viruses and malware attacks and has a pre-installed antivirus solution particularly in Ubuntu. Linux has excellent hardware support and exclusive features that enable you to tweak the system and make it more appealing by using the Compiz manager. Most applications designed for Windows and Mac OS X can be now ported to Linux by using the compatibility layer wine and even play games designed for other platforms. Finally, it is reliable with excellent performance.

After each review and after weighing the pros and cons of each system, I now believe that Linux is king and has better and has more wide based features. Anyone not using Linux it's high time for you to start using it.