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People think web hosting environment and web server are interrelated with their operating system, but it is not. In fact web hosting has got nothing to do with your operating system. Linux servers act as the best platform for your web hosting needs. In case you're new to this field Linux is a pretty good companion to do the testing and other things related to your web page or web hosting. What makes it even more advantageous compared to other servers is that Linux web server it is much simpler and better than most of the web servers.

It is an undeniable fact that Linux operating system and web servers are better than the windows and other leading web servers. This is because Linux has some unique features which other operating systems and web servers do not have. The Linux operating system is simple yet more effective than the windows operating system. Though the operating system and web hosting environment are two different areas there are some of the highlights you need to know about the Linux operating system. Linux operating system needn't be licensed like windows it can be downloaded and installed easily in your system; the system configuration requirements are minimum for Linux operating system so it can be installed on any computer. The Linux web server also possesses all these features in addition to this there many additional characteristics possessed by Linux web servers. Linux servers are more reliable and less likely to crash than the normal web servers. Linux servers are virus free web hosts so you needn't worry about virus threats in the Linux Web Server.

Linux operation is smooth and cost effective. Linux server has an edge over others when it comes to speed and performance. Linux server operates faster than the rest of the web servers. Linux performance is equally good as Linux server speed. Installation and handling of Linux servers are very easy and comfortable.

Linux server has got solutions for all bottlenecks regarding network and servers. Here are few syntaxes which will be helpful to analyse various aspects in your Linux server.# top this syntax is used to find the real time view of dynamic programs running in your system. It displays the most intensive tasks and another advantage is that it shows the updates of the programs after every 5seconds. # free this syntax shows the memory used and amount of memory free in your system. # netsat this command is used to display the network statistics which will be helpful to solve network related problems in your server. The # iptraf command is used to get the information regarding TCP info, UDP counts and IP checksums which are crucial aspects of network handling. # strace this is a very useful command as it helps the user to trace the system calls and identify the errors in the web server. #nagios is the command used for system and network monitoring. # cacti is a web based monitoring tool which displays the information regarding the DNS servers, number of users online and other network data. The # map syntax is used for scanning purposes. This will scan the entire server to collect information for open ports likewise there are many commands to solve all sorts of bottleneck problems in web server.

The advantages of Linux web server are cost is low, high performance, easy to handle, can be hosted on any operating system, system requirements are minimum compared to other web servers. The Linux is web server recommended by most of the computer servers to have a better web hosting environment. To summarize the Linux web server is a complete package of all best features that can be provided in a web server.