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It can be really a very big challenge to choice on a laptop of any kind, considering the many available choices as well as factors. However, there is special consideration on choosing a laptop for use with Linux for it is still not yet a world of a plug and play for the operating system source that is open.

Typically, linux is not fussy about hardware which is actually one amongst its most crucial merits. Due to majorly the historical lack of the best and right drivers, unfortunately some Linux hardware do not work well with Linux. You can choose amongst the many laptop choices which are there for the Linux user, here are some of the guidelines that would help you choose the right and best for you;

First of all, it is very important to consider the key features of the laptop. To shop for a Linux laptop basically entails many of the major key considerations as doing shopping for a windows laptop; however it is in some ways very easier because of the most modern equipments of Linux hardware. Additionally, there are considerations that are unique to factor in purchase of any Linux laptop, owing greatly to possible driver coverage problems. Therefore you will have to keep in mind both requirements in case you have plans to dual boot your laptop with both windows and Linux.

Operating system. you must think of which type of distribution of Linux you would want use as well as whether you want to buy and have it installed by yourself on window based laptop or buy when it is already preinstalled on a laptop. You will as well have to make choice on if you want to have windows kept on your machine. This therefore will greatly depend on your level of expertise, interests and many other things.

Wireless support. Even though it has given Linux the most trouble, it is however improving day by day. The wireless driver which is fully open, that was recently announced by wireless chip maker Broadcom, and which is compatible with the operating system, will enable Linux distro to support fully the many broadbandcom wireless chips that are common. However, before then, Intel and atheros are the two best wireless chip bands that are Linux compatible.

Processor. Basically, your processor can handle more calculation depending on the chore inside it, thus enhancing quicker response especially when you are running applications that are multiple. Today, dual core is most preferred for many purposes. The speed of the processor meanwhile, is in a typical range of about 1.8GHz to 3GHz and above. Linux is able to play very well almost any processor with inclusion of the lower end Atom especially given that distributions distribution meant for low resource contexts are there.

Optical disk. Linux is unable to fully support DVDs as well as many other optical formats. But you will have to get a blu-ray optical driver which is able to write and read DVDs, in case you hope to play the blu-ray movies. This is simply because, DRM is involved with blu-ray and you will be required to DumpHD and Mplayer version that is latest to have the decryption that is necessary performed.Furthrmore,it is also very crucial to consider