Linux Life

Linux LinuxLife HeaderLinux is a world famous free and open source operating system. My life is changing day by day because of Linux. Linux has been released with Supporting utilities, Linux kernel and wide range of application software. Linux life is a happy and useful one for me. User can develop Linux according to his or her wish by using Linux kernel.

We have to find operating system, drivers and application software for newest computers.
We have to spend lot of money for this license software. Linux is the best solution for this problem. Linux has general public license therefore we are free to copy, develop and distribute. This operating system has an office package, games, players, programming tools, servers and lot of others.

Virus is the most dangers word in the computer world. People use lot of free and license software to solve this problem. But we can never find a computer user who does not have virus problem. If you join with Linux life, you will never face to virus problem.

Linux is being developed by various persons in various countries. Therefore no one wants to make a virus for Linux. If we get a problem about Linux, we can put it in to Linux forum. Linux community will help you to solve your problem.

Files have extensions to identity the kind of it. License operating systems do not support to open source file extentions.But Linux does not have such a problem. Linux supports to open source file extensions and all other extensions.

When we format computer or try to connect new hardware devices, we have to search relevant drivers. Linux does not have such a problem. Linux is compactable with drivers.
When you connect your hardware, it will be worked automatically.

Wine is famous and useful software which has been freely distributed with Linux. It is supported to install any kind of license software to Linux. And also Linux is compactable with learning software. Game is the most famous software in the world. If you join with Linux life, you will be able to get a collection of games. Those are not time wasting games. The painting software of Linux is very interesting software like a game. Linux has various kinds of players therefore you can play any kind of audio or video without any trouble.

If you are a programmer, you want various kinds of programming tools and servers to test your programmes. You should not worry now. You can start your Linux life today. This operating system has all modern programming tools and newest version of servers.

Graphic software is most expensive software. Lot of graphic designers and photo editors use old versions of license software because of economical problems. But Linux is compactable with all newest versions of open source graphic design software which have more features than license software.

When you format your computer or change the version of operating system, all things which are in your computer will be lost. Such a thing is not happened with Linux. Everyone can update the version of Linux without harming to home folder. Linux is more secure than other operating systems. Normal user does not have administrator privileges. Lot of changes are done via terminal.

I invite you to change your operating system in to Linux and understand the difference. I am sure, you will never turn back and will say good bye to your early operating system.